Sample Exam: Intercom Dealer Certified Training

1. You will have 20 minutes to write the exam from the time you begin.
2. The Timer has been set, and the countdown will display the time remaining for you. When the timer runs out, the exam ends by default. After that, NO action is required.
3. You can flag any of the questions you want.
4. You can clear answers if you do not wish to submit any of the responses provided.
5. If you drop this exam, it will not be submitted, and results will not be generated.
6. You can finish this exam even if any questions are un-attempted.
7. Once the exam is finished, it cannot be resumed.
8. A pass will be 80% or 72 points. The total score is out of 90 points.
9. This exam contains 50 multiple choice questions.
10. There is only one correct answer per question.
11. Answer papers will not be provided. Copy and paste is not allowed.

Questions are marked with a score of 1, 2 or 3. You can find the mark value at the top of each page in the middle of the screen.
a) A score of 1 indicates an easy question
b) A score of 2 indicates a moderate question
c) A score of 3 indicates a difficult question

The exam will display your results when it is complete.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the exam.


Kyla Werrett
Marketing Coordinator
1-800-263-7639 or 905-564-3570 x341